Play Better Soccer Tea Cards


Every child who grew up in the Fifties and Sixties remembers the Brooke Bond collecting cards that came with every packet of tea. Some were lucky enough to have the specially-produced albums in which to collect the cards that had either come with the latest packet of tea or been traded in the school playground.

Collecting original Brooke Bond tea cards is a hobby that has a huge following, with serious collectors never daring actually to glue the cards into the albums as was originally intended – that would mean losing the information on the back and devaluing the card.

Albums included: “Out Into Space”, “British Wild Life”, “Wild Flowers series 2”, “Freshwater Fish”, “African Wild Life”,  “British Butterflies”, “Wild Birds In Britain”, “Trees in Britain”, “Flags and Emblems of the World” and many others, including this set about Soccer tips.

Players “featured” in the album included Gerry Francis, Mike Channon, Colin Todd and Ray Clemence. Don Revie provided the introduction. Interetingly, the album included an order form where you could buy missing cards from any of the collections for 42 pence each. Cards measured 69mm x 37mm in a series of 40 issued in 1976. Topic included:

Concentration, Goalkeepers Throw, Trapping with Foot, Controlling Ball with Thigh, Controlling Ball with Chest, Turning, Retreating in Defence, Tackling, Weighted Pass, Making Space, Running with Ball, Cutting Inside, Narrowing the Angle, Near Post Corner, Far Post Corner, The High Catch, Goalkeepers Punch, The Long Shot, Interception, The Short Pass, The Long Pass, Bending the Ball, Shielding the Ball, The Short Throw, Changing Pace, Banana Shot, The Chip Pass, The Volley, The Defensive Wall, Saving a Hard Shot, Goalkeeper Control, The Long Throw, Head for Goal, Defensive Header, Dummying, Quick Reactions, The One Two Pass, The Backheel, Penalty Kick & Diving.

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Source: Brooke Bon Tea Cards about soccer
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