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SWFC Alive and Well 45 A

Football fans usually love a good tune, the simpler the better. It helps them remember the often complex words

Never felt more like singing the blues,
When Wednesday win,
And United lose,
Oh Wednesday,
You’ve got me singing the blues…

Most tunes are adapted (stolen) from existing well-known songs and from time to time in the old days, someone would release a record of them. There are so many out there, often utter tripe, but once the kop starts singing, nobody seems to care.

Here’s a breakdown of Sheffield Wednesday-themed releases.

We are the Owls by The Team & the Supporters
Arista 1984

A Sheffield Wednesday – We Are The Owls
B The Supporters – We Love Sheffield Wednesday

Side A is ‘Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up’ with new lyrics ‘sung’ by the Sheffield Wednesday’s 1984 squad. Side B “sung” by the supporters. It came with a lyric sheet and was released after the Owls’ return to 1st Division after 14 years.

We love you Wednesday by Paul Carrack
Division One Records 1984

A We Love You Wednesday
B We Love You Wednesday (Part 2)

Released to celebrate the return to Division One in 1984. It was recorded by Paul Carrack of Ace, Squeeze and Mike & The Mechanics fame to celebrate his favourite team’s promotion to Division 1 (now known as The Premiership). This single was only sold locally in Sheffield, and so is rare and possibly even unknown to Paul Carrack fans around the world.

If it’s Wednesday it must be Wembley by The Hillsborough Crew
Virgin 1993

The official release for the 1993 FA Cup Final record. Wednesday lost against Arsenal (after 2 games at Wembley). Recorded by Ian Reddington & Martyn Ware of Heaven 17.

A If It’s Wednesday It Must Be Wembley
B If It’s Wednesday It Must Be Wembley (Champagne On Ice Instrumental)

Steel City by the Hillsboro’ Crew
Virgin 1986

A Steel City
B Move On Up

Different spelling, same artists.

Singing the Blues – Terry Curran
Norwood Records 1980

A Singing The Blues
B Wednesday Chant

This song has been used by Sheffield Wednesday fans since the 1960’s. Their lyrics are: “Never felt more like singing the blues, When Wednesday win, United lose.” Former Wednesday (and bravely, United!) player Terry Curran recorded a version of the song in 1980 that is still used at Hillsborough to this day.

“Singing the Blues” is a popular song composed by Melvin Endsley and published in 1956. Recorded by Tommy Steele, Guy Mitchell and Marty Robbins, amongst others.

We Are The Owls – A Tribute To Sheffield Wednesday
Cherry 1997 (CD)

A compilation CD

1 The Wednesday Kop Band – Oh Yes
2 Sheffield Wednesday FC – We Are The Owls
3 Paul Carrack – We Love You Wednesday
4 The Hillsborough Crew – Steel City
5 Big Ron’s Barmy Army – It’s A Praise For Sheffield Wednesday
6 The Hillsborough Crew – If It’S Wednesday It Must Be Wembley
7 Sheffield Wednesday FC & Supporters – We Love Sheffield Wednesday
8 Terry Curran – Singing The Blues
9 Lynn Carter – Alive And Well
10 Wednesday Blues – Derby Daze
11 The Wednesdayites – The Owls Are On Their Way
12 Sheffield Wednesday FC – March For Wembley
13 Doc’s Chocs & The Ice Cream Men featuring Paolo di Canio – D.I.S.C.O.
14 Terry Curran – Wednesday Chant

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Source: Nick Robinson
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