Blue Plaques

Sheffield Home of Football has ambitions for a series of blue plaques around the city centre of Sheffield over the coming months and we are seeking funding to do so. These blue plaques highlight the people and places which made Sheffield famous for its unique footballing history. If you think there should be other people and places connected to football which should be commemorated, or you are interested in sponsorship, please get in touch with us

  • Outside the Crucible to mark the location of where the first rules were agreed by an association football club (Adelphi Hotel, 1858)
  • 9 East Parade to mark the location of Nathaniel Creswick’s solicitors offices. Nathanial Creswick was co-founder of Sheffield FC.
  • Norfolk Row (at the catholic cathedral side southern end of Norfolk Row) to mark the location of John Charles Shaw’s legal stationers shop. John Shaw was co-founder of Hallam FC & President of Sheffield FA when the Sheffield and FA rules were amalgamated in 1877.
  • Town hall to recognize the achievements of the 3 England women’s footballers from Sheffield who won the Euros in 2020
  • At the side of the Crucible to mark the location of the Garrick Tavern. Garrick FC are the oldest club to emerge from a public house (1866)
  • Plaque to mark the oldest Catholic clubs in the world. Surrey Catholic FC and St Vincent’s FC.
  • Outside Sterling Works on Arundel Street to mark the location of Lockwood Brothers FC, the oldest factory works team in the world.
  • The York Hotel in Broomhill to mark the location of York FC the oldest hotel team in the world (1861)
  • 53 Sprigbroom Lane to mark the residence of Charles Clegg

Existing plaques include

#1 Cemetery Road Church FC

Our first plaque commemorates Cemetery Road Church FC, as the first football club in the world to originate from a church. It has been approved for erection on the spot where the club was founded in 1861, which is now the Nuffield Health Sheffield Fitness and Wellbeing Gym on Napier Street. The members of this world’s first club came from the Cemetery Road Congregational Church which was in the Porter Brook area of Sheffield close to Sheffield General Cemetery. The church unfortunately no longer exists, but its location was in the south-west corner of what is now the Nuffield Health gymnasium car park, on the corner of Cemetery Road and Summerfield Street. The very earliest known organised football clubs first originated from already organised sporting outfits, mainly cricket clubs.

#2 Sir Nathaniel Creswick

Our second blue plaque is located at 9 East Parade, Sheffield S1 2ET (next to Sheffield Cathedral on the right hand side). We are honouring Sir Nathaniel Creswick KCB whose solicitors offices were located here and which was used to draft the Sheffield rules and other important developments in the modern game of association football.  We are grateful to Solicitors, Norrie Waite & Slater who currently occupy the offices and who have kindly sponsored the plaque and made a kind donation to our blue plaque project.

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