Virtual Museum

Here we will be presenting details of the many fascinating items and information we are gathering for our long-term project of a physical museum. 

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Alan Martin 45

Alan Martin – SUFC 45

Alfred Henry ‘Alf’ Strange

Arthur Wharton

Bramall Lane - the Blitz

Bramall Lane during the Blitz

Cemetery Road Church Football Club

Charles Stokes

Charles Stokes

FA lunch 1929


Football in Kes

Football Pools

SUFC card E Needham

Football Tobacco Cards

Football’s first ever administrative base

Frank Froggat

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks

Herbert Chapman

Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter

John Charles Shaw

John Charles Shaw

John Fantham

John Marsh

John Dransfield - Illustration by Lucy Pimpernel Wood

John Ness Dransfield

John Tasker

Karl Witt – a POW who trained with the Blades

Maddy Cusack

Martin Westby

Michael Palin

Millie Bright


Pele in Sheffield

Samuel Sunderland

Sheffield At Wembley Celebration Ale

Sheffield FC Disability

Sheffield FC Disability

St Vincent’s and the Surrey Catholic Club


SWFC Alive and Well 45 A

SWFC in song

1925 FA Cup SUFC vs SWFC

The 1924–25 FA Cup

The Alcock Football Annuals

The Cromwell Cup

The Cromwell Cup

The fastest sending off in history

Women's football

The history of women’s football

The Currie / Birchenall kiss

The Kiss that shook the football world!

The Lost Truro Ground

The shape of a football?

The World Cup came to Sheffield

The Youdan Cup

The Youdan Cup

Uriah Rennie

Uriah Rennie

When Saturday Comes

William Chesterman

William Foulke

Mr W Peirce Dix Secretary of Sheffield Football Association - 1883

William Peirce Dix

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